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“Nelson Mandela dies, leaving” The best people on earth “, to win titles”

“Nelson Mandela dies, leaving” The best people on earth “, to win the title” Nelson Mandela died peacefully at the age of 95, South African President Jacob Zuma has the world on Thursday evening . You will read the obituaries and see 1000, 10,000 photos of his wonderful life, and each of them better than others. Read each of them. More about Hyper vocals
orbiter on track to reach Mars New Delhi – India Mars Orbiter mission left the sphere of influence of the Earth early Sunday after the maneuver to get it on its way to orbit the red planet put. Spacecraft fired the main engine for more than 20 minutes to reach the correct … Read more about The Weather Channel

People do not come with Earth – and the sunburn, back pain, and pain during

not come from the land of the people – and the sunburn, back pain, and pain during “the human race has to be the most advanced species on the planet, and not surprisingly, and unfit for the terrestrial environment are poorly prepared: damage by sunlight, strong aversion to natural food, ridiculously high rates of chronic Read more …
This photo has a Earth from space Look like Oil Painting Astronaut Mike Hopkins wrote this picture last night, taken from the International Space Station. Pretty cool, huh? It’s more like an oil painting tiger than the surface of what we call “blue” planet. Just more proof that everything looks . More about .. animated astronaut leaves his love and holding hands on on Earth Leaving any man can feel, cutting off limbs, and beautiful, Nicolas Ménard otherworldly short film Somewhere literal sense. When astronaut enterprises truly amazing worlds, that’s all he can imagine that for the left … Menard. Learn more at