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China continues to dominate the rare earth processing

China continues to dominate the rare earth Processing Feller Magnets worker Wang Qin run tens machine, magnetic blocks with rare earths into thin slices, which made his company says Dial in mobile phones should be installed . James T. Areddy / The Wall Street Journal. Shenzhen, China, if … More about Wall Street Journal < br /> PHOTO: This the quietest place on Earth IBM needs this elegant rooms with nanotechnology, the smallest Tech to work the land. Things that are built on the nanoscale so incredibly low that the sound vibrations they will wiggle around, which makes it difficult to work for them. IBM makes all kinds of … Learn more at Business Insider

India Mars Mission reserves land orbit exceeds Chinese ambitions India’s first mission to Mars left orbit the Earth on Sunday morning, clearing a critical barrier in its travel to the red planet and surpass efforts in space opponent Asian giant China. The success of the spacecraft orbiting Mars in the next … Read more on

Closing Forbes’ Down participate in rare Investment scams

Closing Forbes’ Down participate in rare Investment scams Interesting news from London today that the FCA is a boiler room operation, which is a rare earth pushed closed-end investment fraud. And one of the things that is interesting about this particular closure of the boiler is that we can track … Learn more at Google Lit trip to your favorite characters to watch on Google Earth Google Lit Trips Free downloadable files that mark the journeys characters from famous literature on the surface Google Earth. At each location along the journey there is a label from the pop-up window with the various resources … More about
hours Earth of forest disappear before your eyes The University of Maryland geographer Matthew Hansen recently with Google Earth, so that one day create the highest resolution map of the global forests. With 650,000 satellite imagery satellites NASA, Hansen and Google Images detail made did … More about