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European Space ball can bring samples of Mars to Earth (VIDEO)

European Space Ball can bring samples of Mars to Earth (VIDEO) The European engineers have innovative new container, precious samples of Mars returned safely to Earth could bring built. Although neither statement Sample Return Mission Mars does not fit in the books, the European Space Agency to develop supported … More about
Google Earth Helps Reveal Untold fish catches in the Gulf With Google Earth satellite images Canadian scientists have found that fishing weirs on the Gulf coast could catch 6 times more fish than officially reported. Their study, published in the ICES … Read more about Great Barrier Reef corals litter years as “the greatest show on earth sex ” “This is literally the greatest sex show on earth” said an underwater cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick, who came out to see it unfold night dive. “We need to get the coral spawning, which is an annual event where all the eggs and sperm to see … More about